Honeybadgers! A well needed update.

So, it has been a while since I last updated about how things were going. Not to mention that I was also back in Virginia. 

I am all moved into my apartment in Denton. It is pretty damn amazing. It is really interesting because my room is basically a separate part. There is a small hallway and then a door which leads to my room, but then I have my little hall/foyer leading into my room. I also have my own full bathroom and a door leading to outside. It is like having a mini apartment within an apartment. I have been decorating lately and it is definitely starting to look more and more like I live here (walls covered in stuff, lots of books, instruments, etc). ALSO, I have one long closet with two doors. It is pretty nifty. I will take pictures soon.

My parents stayed for a few days when we arrived here. They got to see campus and really liked it, especially my dad. They also seemed to really love Denton. Vicki adventured with us for a few days. After they left, Vicki and I went camping with some of the gang (Cory, Erin, Tyler, Eric). It was really fun and just the relaxation I needed. When camping was over, we hung out in Fort Worth for a few days and then returned to Denton to hang out and enjoy our late 9-monthiversary. 

I had a few anxiety attacks the first few days here but the nerves have settled down now that I am settling in. Occasionally I can feel my nerves go on edge but it all goes away after a few minutes. Being around people the first week seems to have helped a lot with lowering my stress and anxiety levels. 

Also, I don’t know how many times I can say that I love Denton before it becomes overheard. I have adventured around the area but have only really seen the Square and campus but I am so in love. The Square is amazing; it’s filled with all these local shops (well, Denton is pretty much the home to being local). There are two burger joints, a few “pubs” and clubs, candy shops (one with homemade chocolate, the other filled with novelty candy and SPRECHER ROOT BEER!), a coffee house filled to the brim with hipsters, a several story used book store, two humongous “mini marts” which are basically the thrift stores of antiques, collectibles, and fun knick-knacks. There is a record store, a homemade ice cream shop/soda fountain, a pawn shop, and several other places I am excited about. When you adventure around some more, there are your typical places (Wal-Mart, Whataburger, Arby’s, etc etc) but the amount of functioning local businesses you see here: mind-blowing. 

As for UNT: amazing. All the departments I have had to visit have been nothing but extremely nice and really helpful (with the exception of financial aid, which you have to murder someone to get in contact with). I walk around campus and just feel at home, which is something extremely comforting to a transfer student. I can’t wait for classes to start and I can’t wait to start becoming involved on campus. I am really excited to be at UNT for two years and hope that I like it enough to continue on as a Graduate student here.

So… this has been my update. Sorry there aren’t any gifs to go along with it but I can assure you that once the semester starts and I have daily things to comment about, there will be plenty of gifs to go around. 

I guess I can leave you all one that describes my current mood:


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